Welcome to Synergetic Oven Cleaning

‘synergetic (sin-er-jet-ik) adjective – bringing/working together’


During more than 7 years experience in the property management business in Cyprus we found that we often needed the services of a professional oven cleaner, but none were to be found. Thus, the idea of ‘Synergetic Ovening Cleaning’ was born.

With a combination of the correct equipment, tools, chemicals, techniques, customer service and trained staff, we will bring your oven back to near showroom appearance at a very competitive price.

No caustic chemicals are used in the Synergetic Oven Cleaning system. We value your health and well-being as highly as ours, especially as we use the products all day every day. It is also important to use chemicals and processes that are safe and eco-friendly.

Special pricing is available for letting companies and professional property cleaners.


Oven Cleaning

All removable parts are removed and placed in the specially designed cleaning tank in the van. The glass door is cleaned and, where possible, the door is split to clean behind the glass. The remaining parts of the interior are then cleaned, removing the build-up of fats and carbons. The oven is reassembled, polished and tested, and is ready to be used immediately.


Different processes are used for ‘glass top’, gas and electric hobs. The units are cleaned and polished using a range of eco-friendly chemicals.

Extractor Hoods

These are degreased and polished.  Metal filters are cleaned and replaced and, if the unit uses disposable filters, new filters are fitted.


These will only be cleaned if an oven is being cleaned during the same appointment.

NB. We carry a selection of spare bulbs and can replace oven and extractor hood bulbs.


For appointments or information please call Tony on 99904636